Typhoon chataan

Typhoon Thelma, which formed on Typhoon chataan 6, steadily intensified to a peak of mph winds on July 11 while east of the northern Philippines and it turned sharply northward in response to a break in the ridge, slowly weakening as it remained east of any major landmass.

The Hong Kong Observatory was said to give less than 30 minutes alert of an approaching typhoon. On 18 August, Phanfone turned abruptly to the northeast. Safety concerns prompted several relief agencies to back out of the operation, and some United Nations staff were pulled out for safety reasons.

Several upper level troughs near the island chain helped induce localized heavy showers that produced some minor flooding problems.

That year, the United States began using female names for storms. The Hong Kong group forecasts 27 tropical cyclones of at least tropical storm intensity versus a normal of 28and 17 typhoons versus a normal of Typhoon Cecil was the deadliest storm of the season, accounting for half of the deaths from western Pacific tropical cyclones in Typhoon chataan In addition, more than houses were destroyed or inundated.

Typhoon Ketsana

It strengthened into a tropical storm later on the same day. There, it produced heavy rains and gusty winds, though little damage was reported.

Pacific Typhoon and Atlantic Hurricane Names 2014

On 20 July, a tropical depression formed over the central part of the Philippines, about km southeast of Manila. In recent years, Nauru has been the site of a camp where Australia sends illegal immigrants. Butler-class destroyer escort—lost her mast and radio antennas, though damaged and unable to radio for help, the Typhoon chataan remained on the scene to recover 55 of the 93 total sailors who were rescued.

Naval Base at Yokosuka, called off their typhoon alert early Thursday and personnel ordered to return to their duty stations. Huko became an extratropical cyclone over the Pacific on 7 November.


It turned to the north one day later. A baroclinic cyclone east of Japan weakened the ridge, which caused the typhoon to turn more to Typhoon chataan northwest. After landfall, it weakened rapidly and dissipated over Guangxi on 20 August. The closing of the national highway in Bulalo, Cotabato City led to the isolation of connecting towns for several days.

Rainfall peaked at mm in Miyazaki Prefecture, like in the Northern Mariana Islands, power outages and transportation delays were of numerous extent in Japan. Most of the 20, people urged to higher ground were returning to their homes.

The strongest cyclone of the season, Dot, reached category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale to the east of the Philippines, Typhoon Cecil was the deadliest storm of the season, accounting for nearly half of the deaths from western Pacific tropical cyclones in The Sam-chun ferry sank near Capsuimoon, with passengers dead, a Macao steamer, the Heungshan, drifted to Sau-chau, near Lantau Island with passengers on board, and was only rescued the next day, with a few casualties.

Supertyphoon Karen hit Guam, the strongest storm ever to strike that island. In Surigao City The northern half is a blend of American suburbia and huge military bases. Two groups have issued forecasts for western North Pacific typhoon activity in The strongest cyclone of the season, Dot, reached category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, however, it weakened slightly before moving into the Philippines at the high end of category 3 status.

Typhoon Pongsona

On 26 July, Fengshen skirted Cheju and weakened into a tropical storm. The government of China considered Chanchu the earliest typhoon to make landfall in the province, on the next day, the storm emerged into the East China Sea, becoming extratropical on May 19 before dissipating west of Kyushu.

While tracking to the west-northwest, it intensified into a severe tropical storm on 9 July.

Submarine Squadron 15

Laos[ edit ] There was major flooding in the southern and central provinces of Laosand much of the country experienced heavy rain and light flooding. In some instances, relief trucks were attacked and had food stolen in the city. Usually, the subtropical ridge over the Pacific extends westwards to southern China in July, steering the tropical cyclones over the northwest Pacific to move westwards and enter the South China Sea Figure 2.

The street recorded the highest flooding outside the Marikina City area. After traversing the west coast of Taiwan, it made landfall near Taibei on 10 July. Many people living in houseboats with their families in fishing villages along the coast were mostly affected, once the typhoon abated, the police and military rescues were in full swing, turning over the ship wrecks, searching for the injured and retrieving the dead for burial 2.

Tracking to the northwest, it intensified into a tropical storm the next day and strengthened further into a severe tropical storm on 17 May.large-scale disasters as Super Typhoon Paka in Guam; Hurricane Georges in Puerto Rico; Tropical Storm Allison in Louisiana; the New York City World Trade Center response; Super Typhoon Chataan in Guam; California Wildfires and responses and recovery efforts for the four hurricanes that struck Florida in.

She was living on the island of Guam in with a significant other who was stationed there when Typhoon Chataan blew through, devastating the island and region. Chataan turned to the northeast, and became extratropical on the 11th. Chataan killed 55 and $ million in damage between Chuuk and Guam, making it the first typhoon to.

TOKYO, July 10 (UPI) -- Typhoon Chataan, downgraded to a tropical storm but with winds still gusting to 70 miles an hour, dumped 16 inches of rain on Gifu Prefecture near Nagoya, Japan, Wednesday.


Typhoon Chataan damaged Calvo’s new coffee trees planted early in the year. Just days later, as he was nursing the young trees back to health, Typhoon Halong pummeled the. Oct 24,  · Most people my age (mid to late twenties) can recall a few devastating typhoons: Påka, Chataan, Pongsona, Dolphin, Soudelor, and, most recently, Mangkhut.

We remember holding up in our homes without power, and praying for safety as the damaging winds and flood rains bombarded our tiny piece of land in the middle of the ocean.

Typhoon chataan
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