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The Lake Writing, Textual Works

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The cultural and social development of the town also continued at this time. What lesser-known crimes do you think are most intriguing?Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Bethan Huws (* in Bangor, Wales, UK – lives in Berlin, D) is a concept artist who synthesizes a variety of artistic media in location-specific and space-related artworks, each time renegotiating the significance of art in society.

Bethan Williams, chair of the pressure group Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society), said legislation was necessary to make sure Welsh was a "central part of everyday life". She wants the commissioner to tackle big business, to force supermarkets to provide services in Welsh rather than just sticking up a few "tokenistic" signs in.

Welsh artist, Bethan Huws, works with language, installation, sculpture and drawing. She uses methods and techniques that encourage unexpected links between art and our experience of life. The Lake Writing is a text-based work that describes in minute detail four walks around Llyn.

Bernadette Martin, Bethan Hopkins and Viv Jones, representing Sospan Road Runners, recently had the pleasure of presenting the generous donation to Sister Ann Robins of Ward 9 stroke and rehabilitation unit at Llanelli’s Prince Philip Hospital.

The Lake Writing or The Lake Piece

Write by The Lake Conference: Immerse yourself in hands-on mini-workshops, critiques, and time to focus on your writing.

Bethan huws lake writing a business
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